YogActive Kids


An Outdoor/Indoor Adventure Program for the School-Aged Kids of Wolfville!

Would you like your child to move more, get more in touch with nature, explore their own body and mind, all while building confidence, mindfulness, compassion? This program may be just what you are looking for!

YogaLife team members Kaitlyn Sears, (a Bach of Education grad from Acadia, with a deep love of dance and yoga), and Karissa Fraser (a Bach of Science (Kinesiology) grad from Dalhousie, Registered Massage Therapist, mom of 2, and lover of yoga, animals, and anything outdoors), will frontline this program, joining your child in every step of their journey. This is an after-school rec program servicing the Town of Wolfville, so children will be met outside of Wolfville school after dismissal and escorted to their destination (whether outside, or to the studio). Pick up time is by 515. We will encourage pick-up after 430, so as to not be too distracting if we happen to be in a yoga or mindfulness practice, however we understand schedules will not always allow that, and children will be ready for pick-up from the studio anytime after 4.

Wolfville has so many beautiful places to explore; at our disposal are various playgrounds, trails around the reservoir, the rail trail, the botanical gardens, and the dykelands, and we plan to experience them all. Sometimes we may have a plan outside, (finding and identifying as many plants/animals we see on our walk, collecting flowers to make mandalas for our mindfulness practice), other times we will run free, (while still within eyesight and supervision), while seeing how far our legs will take us.

In the studio we will explore ourselves; we will learn mindfulness techniques, explore meditation, move our bodies through dance and yoga, or possibly take a long savasana with a story. We will learn to listen to what our bodies need, what our mind needs, how to be a good friend, and a good human.



1 Day/week - $20/day

2 Days/week - $18/day

3-5 Days/week - $16/day

Early dismissal Days - $35

Prices include tax. ** Payment can be made monthly or biweekly, at the beginning of the period.

A Typical Day

245 - Children met in front of Wolfville School

245-345 - Outdoor play & Snack (student provided)

345-4 - Make our way to the studio

4-430 - Yoga Practice/Mindfulness

430-515 - Quiet activity play until pick-up


What to Bring

We will be outside, so dressing for the elements is essential - ie change of dry clothes (socks) if rainy to change into back at the studio, is helpful.

After-school snack - nut friendly, to be eaten outside or at the studio

Water-bottle - we have a water cooler to fill water bottles at the studio.

If interested, please reach out to Karissa via email or by phone 902-680-2008.