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All-Levels (Warm)
These classes are designed to meet every yogi’s needs. Being familiar with yoga poses before coming to this class is helpful, however, the pace of the class allows for extra instruction, and modifications for those new to yoga, while the sequence is structured to allow more moderate and advanced students to challenge themselves. Infrared panels heat the space to 90 degrees.

Barre (Warm)
This ballet inspired class will leave you feeling toned and lifted. This class incorporates ballet, pilates, and yoga to build lean muscle mass, improve functional range of motion, and enhance flexibility. Move and sweat in this dynamic full body workout using a ballet barre for support. Taking place in a warm room (infrared panels heating the space to 90 degrees), this class is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

Gentle Yoga
A class specifically geared towards individuals with mobility issues - injury, disease, and age can all be factors that contribute to decreased mobility and strength. Classes will be slower, have less up and down movement, and will focus on balance, strengthening the core and stabilizers, and increasing flexibility of the major muscle groups. Props are utilized to increase safety and comfort of the student; most classes will see mats set up along the walls and any pose can be done from a chair.

Hot Power
A moderate to advanced class, students should be familiar with yoga before attending. Infrared panels in the ceiling heat the space to 104 degrees to warm your muscles and get you detoxing. This is a fast-paced vinyasa class, so there is a large focus on linking your breath with each movement, while pushing your body and mind to their edge with challenging poses. Be pre- pared to listen to some tunes, and sweat a lot - water and towels are recommended.

Live Music
Unwind after a long month with this special, all-levels, live music, vinyasa-flow class. Familiarity with yoga is helpful, as instruction is very minimal to allow you to experience and enjoy moving to the mellow tunes of a local artist. We try as often as we can to bring in a local vendor to share with us their beer, cider, wine, or spirits, to add to the experience. This class is heated to 90 degrees and offered the last Friday of each month (Dec exception).

Mom & Babes
Get out of the house, meet other moms, move and strengthen... all with your babies! Yoga is so beneficial for new moms, by helping to tone muscles that have been literally stretched to their limits, and by providing a space to breathe calm the mind. Whether baby ends up strapped to you, stays lying on the mat, eats the whole time, or actually co-operates and works into your yoga sequence, all is perfect, and all is welcome. We do recommend under 1 year of age for this class, if looking for older children, try our (Grand)Parent & Tot class.

Rise & Shine
Start the day off right with this morning flow. Classes will start slow and build through salutations and vinyasa flows to wake you up while centering your thoughts and grounding your body for the day to come.  No extra heat from the infrared (open for discussion) for those heading to work afterwards.

Slow & Deep Vinyasa
An All Levels class (Beginner through Intermediate),

Practitioners will be led through a creative vinyasa series at relaxed & mindful pace.  A slower practice creates a new challenge with longer holds, and students are encouraged to connect with the breath and be present. Even the most advanced Yoga practitioner has much to learn within the reflective pace of slow Vinyasa. Poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. Slow and deep flow allows a person to become familiar with his or her body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward.

Warm Candlelit Yin - 75mins
What better way unwind than soothing music playing in warm, candlelit room. A yin practice is beneficial when trying to increase flexibility, as long held poses (3-5 minutes) stretch past the muscle tissue and into the fascial layers that really inhibit range of motion. Props are used to support you in your posture, allowing you to fully relax into your expression of the pose. While the body relaxes, the mind is challenged to stay present - a wonderful practice for all bodies.

Warm Yinyasa - 75mins
Always a favourite, yinyasa combines both a yin and a vinyasa practice. Heavily weighted in yin, which uses long held poses to stretch muscle and fascia, we throw a flow sequence some- where in the middle to get you breathing and your blood flowing. The room is heated to 90 degrees to help those muscles, and your mind, let go.

Yogalates - 75mins
This mind-body yoga class is infused with Pilates to help you feel taller, longer and stronger, more self-aware and focused.  Strengthening the core provides a solid foundation for all sports, exercises, and enables you to perform everyday activities with more ease and confidence.  You’ll feel where the core really is…by activating and challenging your deepest core muscles.  Bring your mat (or two for more thickness), a small towel (or facecloth or something you can fold under your head, if needed, to allow the neck to be properly aligned), and your water bottle.  All levels welcome - choose from a beginners flow for those new to the practice, and a class with more of a core focus!  Modifications will be offered.